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Hello and thank you for your time.       

My name is Nick and I am a photographer from St Ives , Cornwall. Growing up here  I  was  surrounded by artists, surfers and travellers , an upbringing that inspired me into becoming the person I am today. 

At the age of 18 I went on my first trip away to ride waves and take photos, I often joke  that I am on my 22nd gap year, slowly  managing to blend  passion and livelihood.  

My creative mission today is to capture images  that document nature, the beauty and fragility of the  Sea, coastal culture and the inspiring characters that roam those areas. I want my work to come from the heart and to evoke some kind of emotion in my audience.

 If you have brand, product, destination ,lifestyle or editorial  imagery requirements for anything ranging from social media right through to campaign roll-outs then i'd love to have a chat and see what our minds can create!

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